arts and crafts bathroom

arts and crafts bathroom in northampton Yr: 2008

This was a project that presented a small departure from what we were generally used to. The inspiration came from our client, who knew she wanted to do something in the style of Peacock House, and was wowed by the colour scheme of the Halsey Ricado tiles there. Ricado was at that time a partner in and designing for the William de Morgan ceramics company, and his work at Peacock House typifies this era. There is an interesting article about Peacock (or Debenham) House here:
The tiles here were all handmade by a ceramist who had done some restoration pieces for Peacock House, and the crackled glass glaze on each one differs slightly. The are close fitted, various sizes, in brick bond patterns and capped with a stained oak picture rail.

The beaten copper bath sits on a slate tiled floor with underfloor heating, and all the brassware is reproduction, appropriate to the era. A restored vintage hall stand was converted to house the marble wash bowl, and store bathroom products. Reproduction bronze  and glass lamps either side of the mirror came from a maker in America. The windows are framed with stained oak, and glazed with panels in a design which our client commissioned from a stained glass artist.

Although quite a compact room, the drama of it all was quite astounding and it created the impression of a larger room.