Space planning and feasibility study and conceptual design work for for the conversion of a swimming pool house. The ideas relied upon a modular system of support to fill the centre of the swimming bath void. Access would be provided to the downstair which would act as storage space. Upstairs - the floor would f'loat', in appearance. With height restrictions taken into account the floor would sit upon our structure. The style and theme was meditative or slow, inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. Artists studio, bedroom and bathroom:

The bathroom is a particularly wonderful space with Hinoki sunken japanese bath. The linear corridor  through the whole building travels through the bathroom on the same line and finishes off at a picture window - infinity pool like'.  This provides definition of function within the bathroom space itself.

Materials, represented are Bronze:handrails, Flamed Basalt: bathroom walls and floor, and White pine:walls and storage. Light pivoting and sliding shoji style screens to provide privacy and diffuse the light through the space.